Northeast Region – Eastern Canada Division

How to Become a Member

Becoming a Member is Easy!


First of all, you must be a member of NMRA Canada.

To become a member of  NMRA Canada, go their web site at NMRA Canada | National Model Railroad Association and  click on the Memberships option in the Main Menu.


From the drop-down menu, select Join NMRA Canada.


This will take you to a new page where you can select to either join online or via a printed form. 


If you select Online Membership, you will have the option of paying with a credit card, a mail-in cheque or PayPal. This will also send you to the final option page where you will see an array of memberships.


For the Eastern Canada Division, select the NMRA Canada Northeastern Region.


You’re almost done!


The new page that appears now allows you to select a 1($40) or 2($80) year membership and whether you wish to receive the NMRA magazine either digitally or in print (an extra $60/yr).


Once you have decided, press the ADD to CART button and follow the instructions to complete your purchase.


Congratulations, you have become a member of the Eastern Canada Division!


It will take a bit of time before you hear from us directly. Once you have sent in your membership it must go to several other people first. If you haven’t heard from us in a few weeks, feel free to contact us through the “Questions?” web page in the Main Menu. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.


Welcome to the group!